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About Bhutan

Tropical Island Resort

Sara and John say...

From tropical heat to glacial cold, this hidden mountain ‘paradise’ spans a range of climates.

The lush valleys of southern Bhutan enjoy year-round warmth. Even in wintertime, daytime temperatures here lie comfortably in the 20s Celsius, with sunny skies and low humidity. Further north into the mountains, there’s a crispness to the air, but sub-freezing temperatures are reserved for the high Himalayan peaks and passes. Here, only the hardiest winter trekkers venture out through the months of December to February.

The spring brings a rapidly strengthening sun. With daytime temperatures rising into the 30s Celsius and pristine blue skies, so visitor numbers increase, enticed by the legendary display of rhododendrons.
Humidity rises through the late spring and the summer months are cloudier, bringing restricted mountain views. This is the wettest period of the year, with frequent downpours, especially at higher elevations.

By September, the summer rains are easing and the skies are clearing. With lower humidity and a crispness to the air, the autumn months are particularly popular. Warm days, cool nights and great views offer the best of all ‘worlds’ - whether you’re climbing the mountains or exploring the cultural diversity found in the green lowland valleys and in the capital, Thimphu.

And after a busy day of sightseeing, an afternoon cup of famous Bhutan tea, sitting amidst the clear mountain air, will give you just the ‘pick-me-up’ you need!

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