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La Reunion

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About La Reunion

La Reunion

Sara and John say...

Every tropical island boasts its own version of a warm and balmy ‘paradise’. And with temperatures in the high 20s Celsius for much of the year, you’ll probably find La Réunion’s version reassuringly agreeable.

But lying some distance from its better-known neighbour of Mauritius, this island has quirks of its own.

The quirks hinge on what side of the island you sit and what time you’re visiting.

It’s sunniest from May to October, when humidity is lower than at other times of year. Blues skies and a regular wind are the hallmarks of most days - the strength of the sun often disguised by the latter! Although showers can crop up at any time, most days are fine, especially across the more sheltered western coves - perfect for sunbathing and wind-surfing, or for day excursions away from the beach. And with temperatures dipping down into the teens overnight at the capital, Saint Denis, it’s a comfortable time of year for just chilling out of an evening.

Over and to the west of the mountainous interior, exposed to the ‘trade winds’, the showers are more frequent, especially towards the end of the year. A steamier heat arrives, especially from December to March, making downpours much more frequent and prolonged. There’s a reason the island is so lush and green and this season shows you why!
This is a sultry period of 30-degree heat by day, falling only slightly overnight. Light clothing is essential.

However, western parts of the island remain more sheltered from the downpours. They often don’t last long - and the coasts usually stay drier than the higher ground inland. Light winds mean the warm tropical seas are crystal clear - so it’s a perfect time for snorkelling and scuba-diving expeditions. And the water is at its most warm and welcoming. Enjoy La Reunion!

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