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Sara and John say...

If you think ‘hot and humid’, you won’t be too far wrong! With rainforests and mangrove covering much of the country, it’s hardly surprising that Suriname’s equatorial climate brings abundant rainfall through the year.
There are, however, subtle seasonal and geographical differences.
The best time to visit is from late August to mid November. It’s driest and sunniest at this time of year. However, it is also the hottest period, with temperatures at the capital, Paramaribo, reaching the mid-30s Celsius most days.

For the rest of the year, temperatures are not quite as high, but steamy humidity produces cloud and plenty of rainfall. The wettest areas are close to the French Guyana border in the east and in the mountainous areas further south, where it rains most days of the year.
The Sipaliwini Savanna Nature Reserve across the far south of the country enjoys a drier climate, however, especially from September to December.

Tropical cyclones and hurricanes further north across the Caribbean steer clear of Suriname; and with all the heat and humidity that this country provides, those wanting a refreshing swim in the sea will be dipping into ‘bath water’ warmth! Ocean temperatures stay in the mid to high twenties all year round.

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