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John Hammond

About John

John’s spent most of his life with his head in the clouds!

Even as a young boy, he’d set his clock by the next TV weather bulletin, with hope of snowy weather to come.

But his interests soon turned to the science behind the weather symbols, and after gaining a Masters Degree in Meteorology at Birmingham University, John began his career at the Met Office in 1990.

He enjoyed a variety of roles within meteorology, before taking to the TV screens in the mid-1990s, first at ITV and then, in 2003, at the BBC Weather Centre.

Since then John's become a familiar face on our screens, including regular contributions to Countryfile, as well as presenting a Horizon investigation into the behaviour of the jet stream.

The next chapter of his varied career began 2018, when John founded Weathertrending Ltd with Sara, before breaking new ground again, with the development of Vacay Weather.

John enjoys running, skiing, golf, tennis and, occasionally, he strums a classical guitar. (But not all at the same time)!

John Hammond

Best Trip:

In my early twenties I went on expedition to the Everest region of the Himalayas. I didn’t wash for 2 months but the views definitely made up for it! No photo will ever do the scenery justice - if you haven't been, put it on your bucket list!

Worst Trip:

A week in Nashville - too hot and sweaty - it turned into the longest week of my life. I certainly got the Blues, and not in a good way! I hate high heat and humid weather, give me a summer trip to the Alps any day.

Expert In:

Climate and meteorology, and golf and skiing holidays

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