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Best Trip:

The Maldives has to be up there as one of the most beautiful places in the world. It really is the perfect beach holiday. Me and my husband used to sit in the lagoon and chat while watching the shoals of fish dart through the water, parting as baby sharks made their way through the middle. We spotted over 100 dolphins on one boat trip around the island and the blend of colours at sunset is phenomenal.

Worst Trip:

Probably Las Vegas. Our hotel offered us free tickets to see a show if we looked around their new sister hotel, which would take a maximum of an hour as it was just around the corner. We boarded a coach and found ourselves travelling an hour into the desert to look at a timeshare complex. The initial 'welcome' video took an hour and consisted of customers saying the only way they could get through their cancer treatment was by having a holiday home to look forward to. The fact this was used as a sales tactic got me very cross! We were asked to hug the strangers next to us and tell them what a holiday home like this would mean to us (I refused to take part) before a 45-minute tour of the complex. By the time we got to the final stage - another conference hall with a dedicated sales person for each couple – I was fuming. I refused to sit down, slammed by hands on the desk and shouted for them to give me my tickets. I'm usually chilled but that 'experience' really got my blood boiling. We were only in Las Vegas for two days and that wasted almost five hours of my life! They never had the tickets after all...

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The Maldives

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