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Sara Thornton

About Sara

There was never anything but TV and radio presenting in Sara's sights. She spent summer holidays cluttering up newsrooms, making the teas and trying to learn to write, eventually starting to broadcast on local radio. After university, armed with an English degree and a Post-Grad in Broadcast Journalism, she went to work for the BBC, and then ITV, as a newsreader and reporter. But having grown up next-door to the local TV weatherman in Pennsylvania her ambitions lay in the skies, and her next step was to train in meteorology and move into weather. Since then, Sara has spent nearly 20 years at the forefront of weather broadcasting for ITV, the BBC and The Met Office as a regional, national and international weather presenter and senior producer. Today she is a Fellow of the Royal Met Society.

A keen traveller, and having lived in the US, Belgium and the UK, the idea of a combined weather and travel app has been long been one of Sara's ambitions, and in 2018 she and John set up their own company with the goal of developing Vacay Weather.

Sara Thornton

Best Trip:

I've been fortunate enough to travel the USA extensively, and I'll always hold a candle for small-town New England, where I lived as a young child. I'm also lucky enough to permanently leave a part of my heart on Hilton Head Island, which I'm lucky enough to go to every year.

But I'll never forget a spring trip to the paradise gardens of the Alhambra Palace in Andalucia. The fragrant blooms and scent of oranges. bubbling fountains, warm sunshine and majestic views of snow-capped mountains all at once seemed almost impossible - the closest I've ever come to heaven on earth.

Worst Trip:

I once went on a camping week with great friends in a beautiful, shall-remain-unnamed, part of the UK. It rained and blew a hooley all week. I was sodden. I thought I'd never be warm and dry again. On day five I escaped to a hotel for a spa day - mainly so I could have a hot shower!

Expert In:

Climate and meteorology, USA, Belgium, France and Spain

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