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About Siobhan


Best Trip:

It’s a toss-up between The Whitsundays in Australia – where we had a whole island to ourselves, flew over the Great Barrier Reef in a seaplane and then landed inside one of the reefs to go snorkelling – and a Las Vegas to San Francisco campervan trip that included awesome national parks and whale watching.

Worst Trip:

Backpacking in Victoria Falls. I love Zimbabwe and Vic Falls is one of the most beautiful sights in the world, especially from the Zimbabwean side. But, we visited in 2008 when the political and economic situation was appalling. The electricity in the town had been turned off, there was no way to get money out and the only accommodation we had enough cash for was a concrete campground. We had walked into town to buy a cheap pizza and on the way back in the pitch black we were chased by desperate locals, mugged by baboons (who took the pizza) and then both fell down a six-foot-deep manhole.

Expert In:

The Maldives, Africa safaris, Las Vegas, Cornwall

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