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Sara and John say...

This is a hot and humid equatorial country with plentiful rainfall through the year. But sunscreen and lightweight clothing are ‘musts', as well as waterproofs.

Northern parts of the country, closest to the equator have a fairly even distribution of rainfall through the year. The downpours rarely last all day, however, meaning that even in the wettest months, we can expect some strong sunshine, especially in the mornings. Temperatures typically sit close to 30 Celsius by day, with steamy nights. However, higher mountains do offer some relief from the humidity.

Ironically, the wetter months of the year provide most of the sunshine, especially in the mornings.

Further south across the country, there is a distinctly drier season, usually running from June to September. During this period, temperatures are also somewhat lower, hovering in the mid to high 20s Celsius by day, with refreshingly cooler nights.

This is therefore a more comfortable time for wildlife-watching when the animals of the savannah tend to gather close to popular watering holes.

The dry season is not necessarily sunnier. Skies remain mostly overcast despite less rainfall.

But we recommend the winter months of June to September as the most comfortable time to visit.

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