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Straddling the equator, it’s unsurprising that this country is one characterised by heat and humidity.

The lush vegetation is a clue to how wet it can be, and it’s an understatement to say that there’s plenty of rain through the year! But there are subtle variations in weather as the overhead sun passes north and south across the country through the year.

Typical of much of the country, the capital, Libreville enjoys its driest period from June to August, although ironically this is often the cloudiest time. For the rest of the year, downpours are common on most days, but with a better chance of seeing some sunnier breaks.

Temperatures are fairly consistently close to 30 Celsius by day, and nights are warm and steamy.

Higher inland areas do offer some cooling respite, as well as the coast, where there is sometimes a breeze off the sea.

Lightweight clothing with protection from rain and sun are a ‘must’ for visiting this green equatorial country.

(Image courtesy: David Stanley Nanaimo)

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