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Sara and John say...

Surrounded by the vastness of South Africa, the small country of Lesotho has a unique mountain climate. Altitude is a big factor in the weather, making conditions quite fickle.

Importantly, the weather is much cooler than other lower-lying parts of southern Africa. This means that although the summer months from November to March are wettest, this is perhaps a more comfortable time to visit, especially the higher mountain areas. Temperatures at the capital Maseru reach the mid to high 20s Celsius by day, with comfortable nights in between. Downpours do occur, but are often short-lived. Indeed, even at this time of year, most days remain dry.

The spring and autumn months are also great times to visit, with less rainfall than in summer, but still quite comfortable temperatures.

Through the winter, the showers become scarce. However it does get chilly, especially at night, when frost becomes commonplace. And at this time of year, the rain that does occur will fall as snow at higher altitudes, limiting trekking opportunities. Wind-chill can become very significant at this time of year too.

Be mindful, whatever time of year, that the sun is strong - deceptively so in wintertime. So sunscreen is a ‘must’ for any visitor to this beautiful mountainous country.

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