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This small and narrow country offers diversity in landscape, wildlife and also climate. However, put simply, there is a wet season and a dry season.

The rainiest period is from November to April, when huge thunderstorms develop, almost on a daily basis, in response to heat and humidity.

At this time, low-lying areas experience steamy highs in the low 30s Celsius and muggy nights, with the hottest period occurring just before the onset of the rains.

Indeed, near sea-level, southernmost areas of the country can become intensely hot. Here, temperatures peak in the 40s Celsius, with the most bearable period for visitors restricted to the winter months of June to August.

But further north and at altitude, the heat is less intense. Indeed, the capital Lilongwe enjoys a milder climate; and during the cooler, drier season from mid-May to mid-August, nights can be cold enough for frost!

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