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Sara and John say...

The two small equatorial hubs of Burundi and Rwanda offer a lush tropical beauty and wildlife-watching found nowhere else in the world. Whether hoping to spot the mountain gorilla or tracking chimpanzees, the weather is bound to impact on your stay.

Both countries contain large areas of high plateau, which help to temper the heat. So you can expect highs to be in the 20s Celsius for much of the year, although southern parts of Burundi, especially towards the lower-lying Lake Tanganyika, are hotter.

Relatively high humidities ensure a good deal of cloud and showers through much of the year. These often come in the form intense short-lived downpours, with some sunshine in between.

However the driest and sunniest time of year in both countries is found in the period between June and September. Showers may occur but they are relatively uncommon. Humidity is also somewhat lower at this time of year.

We’d recommend a visit in July or August. Sunscreen will be needed, but you’ll need a layer or two for those cool nights outdoors, especially at altitude. Enjoy!

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