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Sara and John say...

Year-round heat is guaranteed within this small tropical country, but the weather and feel of the air vary markedly between seasons.

Most holiday-makers aim for the driest and sunniest time of year, which extends from November to May, but into June across northern parts of the country. At this time, rainfall is rare and blue skies prevail. Daytime temperatures reach the low to mid 30s Celsius inland, but coastal locations, including the capital, Dakar, are cooler, enjoying a refreshing breeze off the Atlantic. Perfect for the beach!

Inland the heat is more stifling, and from March through May, temperatures can approach 40 Celsius or even higher, with nights becoming oppressively humid too.

From June to October, the rains arrive. They’re last to reach, and first to retreat, from northern areas, peaking in August. Southern areas tend to be wettest, and downpours occur most days, adding to the sultry feel of the weather. The wet weather and intense humidity limit outdoor activities at this time.

As we end the year, the humidity begins to fall and the sunshine returns more reliably. This is also the time when the sea is at its warmest.

And from Christmas onwards into the early months of the new year, Senegal enjoys its peak popularity again for visitors.

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