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South Sudan


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South Sudan

Sara and John say...

This is a hot country, whose climate is shaped by wet and dry seasons.

The wettest time of year is between April and October, with the mountainous areas of the southwest receiving most rainfall. At this time of year, the air is humid and uncomfortable, even though daytime temperatures in the low 30s at the capital, Juba, are lower than in the drier winter months.

The rainfall comes in the form of intense downpours, so there are lengthy drier, and sometimes, brighter spells in between, especially in the mornings.

Because of clearer skies and more sunshine, the wintertime actually brings higher temperatures, peaking close to 40 Celsius as spring arrives. However, thanks to lower humidity, the nights are more comfortable; and between December and February it rarely rains.

However, at this time of year, the dry ‘Harmattan’ wind can bring dust-filled air, reducing visibility at times.

Overall, however, we would recommend the winter months of December or January as the most comfortable time to visit South Sudan.

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