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Dry weather prevails for much of the year across this large and varied country.

In fact, lack of rainfall makes southern areas blend from semi-arid conditions towards outright desert. This is also the hottest area of Afghanistan, with relentless sunshine sending daytime temperatures into the 40s Celsius through the summer.

Further north the heat is rather less intense, and there is more rainfall through the year, especially through winter and early spring. Indeed, the upland northern locations, especially towards the Hindu Kush, experience significant snowfall. The capital, Kabul, is sometimes near freezing by day and sub-zero at night.

Although dry conditions dominate through the year, monsoon rains do extend into some far eastern parts of the country, peaking in the early summer months.

So the best times for visitors to avoid most of the rain, the peak of the summer heat and the coldest winter months, are probably spring and autumn.

But we’d advise that whenever you go, sunscreen should be part of your packing - even in winter. And for most of the year, remember to stay hydrated!

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