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Sara and John say...

In such a stunning country, there isn’t really a ‘bad’ time to visit, but there are certainly some particularly good ones, when the weather will allow you to get the best out of your stay.

One of the favourite periods for visiting is October and November. The skies are largely clear and sunny, perfect for trekking the high peaks or the lower lush valleys. Days are pleasantly warm at lower altitudes, but nights can get chilly.

Away from the mountains, the winter months retain a comfortably mild feel in the mid to high teens Celsius by day in the capital, Kathmandu; but nights can get get cold. And the lower temperatures at higher altitudes can deter all but the most hardy of winter mountaineers.

Spring emerges through late February, and the strengthening sun on the back brings an influx of visitors. The months of March and April are big favourites, with the country at its radiant and colourful best - the mountain rhododendrons that explode into life at this time are legendary.

By May, the increasing humidity leads to cloudier skies, and rains begin to affect this mountain kingdom.
The summer months from June to August bring more frequent downpours, although even now, it’s dry for much of the day. The humidity can be quite high, especially in the lowland valleys; but it’s quieter than during the peak seasons.

Then, as autumn arrives, the skies begin to clear, revealing Everest in all its snow-clad glory. The crisp air and sunshine provide an enticement that’s almost impossible to resist! Be mindful, however that through the thin mountain air, the sun will burn. Sunscreen is a ‘must’!

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