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It’s been said that the Caribbean has the most desirable climate on the planet. It’s never cold, seldom roasting; and even the rainfall has a kinda rhythm to it!

You won’t actually see much rain for several months of the year. From December until April, sunny skies are the norm. The afternoon showers that do pop up don’t last that long, before they fade way across the horizon through those balmy evenings. And with temperatures ranging from the low twenties at night to near 30 degrees by day, late winter and early spring is the most popular time to visit. As for the sea temperatures - they never fall below the mid-twenties - you might spend as much time in the water as out of it!..

Through the late spring the air is hotting up - peaking in the mid-30s Celsius; and through the early summer months, we see more clouds in the sky and feel a steamier heat. But remember that there’s an ever-present breeze to help keep you cool - great too for sailing and windsurfing.

The downpours do become more intense through summer, especially from August onwards. But each Caribbean island has its own microclimate, and some of the heaviest of the rain often stays over the hills and mountains inland, while coastal resorts can still expect a lot of dry weather, even during these ‘wetter’ months.

This off-peak period can be a great value time to stay. Which brings us onto hurricanes. They are much rarer than you might think! Even at the peak of the season from August to October, the chances of any particular island resort being affected are very low. And some islands, especially across the southern Caribbean, haven’t been hit for many decades! So don’t let the myths get in the way of some great deals.

By December the downpours are dwindling, the skies are clearer and the seas are warmer again. So the Caribbean is definitely on the list if you’re considering Christmas in the sun.

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