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Sara and John say...

Not only does Corsica differ from mainland France in its culture and landscape; it also has a unique climate that benefits from its location amidst the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a year-round holiday destination - mild in winter and warm in summer. And for much of the year, dry weather can be relied upon too.

The most settled time of year is summer, when blue skies lift temperatures comfortably into the high 20s Celsius on most days at low-lying coastal locations, such as Ajaccio, Calvi and Bonifacio.

Although heatwaves occasionally lift temperatures much higher, a refreshing sea breeze usually provides a welcome accompaniment to the sunshine. And for respite form the heat, the mountainous interior is reliably cooler. Summer thunderstorms do crop up, but they usually pass quickly.

The autumn sees a more mellow heat, and is a choice time to visit as the larger crowds depart. Days are still warm, but by October and November, the weather is occasionally turning more unsettled and showery. But don’t be put off - most days are still fine and dry, even in the middle of winter!

From December to January, daytime temperatures are typically in the mild mid-teens, although nights can get chilly. A few wet days can bring snow to the higher peaks, and the ‘Mistral’ wind from France can bring blustery conditions, especially in late winter in spring.

However, by March, the strengthening sun is bringing a warm glow back to the island. Temperatures climb through the 20s Celsius through the spring months - a great time to take advantage of the fresh blooms and lush growth before the peak of the summer heat arrives.

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