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Czech Republic


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Czech Republic

Sara and John say...

The climate of this eastern European country, like many of its near neighbours, is characterised by warm summers and cold winters.

Temperatures don’t get as low as further east into Asia, but if you’re travelling here in winter, you will need layers!

In the capital, Prague, temperatures hover close to freezing by day with sharp frosts at night. And when Siberian winds arrive from the east, severely cold spells can bring the temperatures down as low as -30 Celsius. Snow-cover is commonplace in winter. However, southerly winds bring occasional thaws.

Spring is slow and erratic with frequent fluctuations in temperature, before consistent warmth finally emerges in later April and May. This is a great time to visit, as the countryside blossoms into verdant life.

Summers are generally warm and balmy. Daytime temperatures sit comfortably in the mid-20s Celsius, but heatwaves do occasionally lift the mercury into the mid-30s Celsius, when nights can be uncomfortably warm and sticky. Showers and thunderstorms can occasionally interrupt the sunshine, but they tend not to last long.

Then, in autumn, the heat eases, making this a great time to enjoy more mellow warmth. It doesn’t last long, though. By late October and November, there’s a chill in the air with overnight frosts returning; and the first snows of winter are coating the countryside before December arrives.

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