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Sara and John say...

There are many reasons why Spain is one of the most popular places to visit, and weather is near the top of the list!

It’s dry much of the year, and reliably warm and sunny in summer. Temperatures from June to August routinely reach the high 20s and low 30s Celsius by day. The southern Andalucian plains are hottest, sometimes peaking in the low 40s. But for those seeking respite from the highest temperatures, many of Spain’s beaches offer a refreshing breeze; and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the south and the Pyrenees in the north are much cooler. But whether sunbathing on the beach, playing golf, sightseeing or exploring Spain’s varied landscape, frequent hydration and sun-protection are essential during the summer months.

Summer thunderstorms crop up infrequently, and mostly occur through the afternoon and evening. But it takes more than the odd downpour to dampen spirits during the hundreds of street parties and fiestas across the country.

Autumn sees a mellower heat, making September and October choice months for a comfortable and less busy time to visit. The weather is still good and the seas warm, although nights can turn chilly.

Through the winter months, inland Spain can turn surprisingly chilly, so layers will be needed, especially at night. This is also the wettest time of year, mainly across northern parts of the country, where skiers enjoy frequent snowfall in the Pyrenees. Further south, although some damp days can be expected, it remains dry for much of the time. And even in the depths of January, some of the ‘Costas’ can exceed 20C on sunny days. The Mediterranean coast is often more sheltered, whereas some northern and western-facing coasts experience quite blustery winds at this time of year.

Winter doesn’t last long in Spain, though; and by March the strengthening sun is pushing temperatures ever-higher. It’s a great time for a spring-break, before the crowds arrive in summer.

Whatever the time of year, enjoy Spain.

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