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About Liechtenstein


Sara and John say...

From hot sunshine to heavy snows; from torrential thunderstorms to tranquil mists. It’s a tiny country, but Liechtenstein makes up for it with some big weather!

Sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein’s climate is Alpine. However the capital, Vaduz, near the banks of the Rhine, is relatively low-lying. So summers here are often comfortably warm - reaching the low 20s Celsius most days. And when hot air from the south descends the mountains, 30-degree heat is not unusual. Sunshine is interrupted by occasional showers or thunderstorms; but more days are dry, rather than wet. Further up the mountain-sides, the rain is often heavier and sudden changes in the weather can catch out hikers - so go prepared. But summer is a great time to enjoy the lush green landscape, pristine waterfalls and clean mountain air.

Autumn sees a steady cool-off; and with the weakening sun lowering in the sky, mists can begin to linger in the valley bottoms through some October and November days.

The first snows are covering the mountains and, by December, much of the country is in winter’s frigid grip. The next few months are snow-bound in the Alps. Snow-bound, yes, but often sunny. By contrast, low-lying Vaduz, while milder, can sometimes be shrouded in grey cloud and mist. Severe cold rarely reaches these valley bottoms; but, when Siberian winds arrive, it’s a very different story.

Slowly but surely, spring sees the snowy shroud retreat up the mountainside. While warm and cold days often jostle for supremacy through March and April, the tumbling mountain streams are glistening amidst the green meadows by May. And sunscreen takes priority from the thermals!

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