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From the snowy Alps to the balmy Mediterranean coast, Italy’s climate, like its cuisine, overflows with variety to suit all tastes.

Spring is a choice time to visit, and for good reason. Daytime temperatures are on the rise through March and April, easing up through the ‘comfort zone’ of the high teens to high 20s Celsius. Southern areas are warmest, and this is a great time to head to Sicilian and other Mediterranean or Adriatic resorts, before the peak summer crowds arrive. Inland, a lush verdancy emerges across the countryside in response to warmer weather and refreshing showers. Northern areas are slowest to warm, with the Alpine resorts in full swing for skiers until Easter.

As summer approaches, Italian tourism reaches a peak of activity. But thanks to the variety of scenery and activities on offer, it’s easy to escape the crowds. Daytime temperatures routinely reach the high 20s to low 30s Celsius, but if you’re not a fan of heat, upland areas of the Apennines and Alps not only provide stunning scenery, but a fresher, more comfortable feel.

Occasional thunderstorms help to ripen the summer fruits, but they normally pass quickly. It’s sunny across most of the country for most of the time; and during heatwaves, the mercury can peak in the 40s Celsius. So sightseeing is most comfortable in the early morning, allowing time to chill with a glass of Chianti in the afternoon, perhaps? And as the heat mellows, the evening is when Italian culture really comes to life in the thousands of bars and restaurants!

Autumn brings slowly lowering temperatures and cloudier skies, but warmth lingers on until November in the south - and you’ll get cheaper deals at this time of year too.

While the south remains mild through winter, and snowfall is rare, temperatures can fall close to freezing across the northern plains; and fog can linger through the day across the Po Valley. Meanwhile skiers flock to the mountains, as snow arrives in time for Christmas.

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