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Sara and John say...

Not only will your appetite be quenched by the fantastic food and wine on offer, warmth and sunshine are staple items on the weather menu on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Summertime brings blue skies, strong sunshine and warm seas - a popular blend for the peak of the holiday season. Typical temperatures in Cagliari through June to August are around 30 Celsius by day, although during heatwaves they can climb as high as a stifling 40 degrees. However, a refreshing sea breeze commonly accompanies your trip to the seaside, while a trip into the more mountainous areas inland will also provide pleasantly cooler air. Although blue skies are almost guaranteed, occasional thunderstorms can interrupt the sunshine.

Autumn brings a more mellow heat, making this a good time for a quieter and low-cost visit. It’s not really until October and November that the weather turns consistently cooler and more unsettled. But although showers are more likely, most days are still dry - even in the middle of winter.

From December to February, daytime temperatures are typically in the mid-teens Celsius, but nights can be chilly. And over the mountains, snowfall can occur.

Winds can be quite blustery in winter and early spring, especially when the ‘Mistral’ wind can funnel into the western Mediterranean. But the strengthening sun brings resurgent warmth to Sardinia from March onwards. A lushness blooms across this emerald green island, surrounded by increasingly tranquil seas. But don’t forget the sunscreen!

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