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Sara and John say...

Exploring the ancient historical sites, bathing in the warm Mediterranean, enjoying the pristine natural wildlife or even skiing, (yes skiing!); Sicily has weather to meet a huge range of tastes and activities. However you won’t be surprised to hear that most of the year is warm and sunny.

Many find spring the best time to come to Sicily. As temperatures climb from the teens into the low 20s Celsius, an array of wild flowers explodes into life. With the weather becoming increasingly dry and sunny, it’s a great time for walking holidays, before the peak of the heat arrives.

By June, temperatures are reaching the high 20s or low 30s Celsius. And through the summer months to come, the surrounding sea grows ever-warmer, with the beaches becoming more popular. Days are generally sunny, followed by balmy evenings. However hot air from the south can occasionally bring very high humidity, and the threat of summer thunderstorms. These pass quickly, though.

The warmth continues into September, swelling the wine harvest towards readiness. As the peak of the heat passes, the early autumn months becoming increasingly comfortable for walking and sightseeing. And with the beaches less crowded and the seas still warm, this is a great time to take advantage of a less crowded holiday.

Cooler, windier, more showery weather arrives to end the year; but even through the winter months, most days are dry and some are quite warm - reaching the low 20s Celsius on some days. However, a few are wet and windy, with some snow for the higher mountainous locations.

For most of lowland Sicily, though, winter passes quickly. By March, temperatures are on the rise and skies are turning bluer. The island is opening up for the spring. Time to put on the sunscreen!

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