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Sara and John say...

As one of the largest countries in Europe - with landscapes ranging from high mountains, through flat plains down to the coast - it’s not surprising Ukraine has a varied climate. But in broad terms, summers are pleasantly warm, while winters are very cold.

The highest temperatures occur across southern areas, especially towards Crimea and the Black Sea coast. Here, in summertime, temperatures regularly reach the high 20s Celsius; and when southerly winds arrive, the mid 30s are not uncommon. It’s almost a Mediterranean feel to the climate at this time of year!

Elsewhere across the country, the heat doesn’t peak quite as high, but warm summer days in the mid to high 20s are the norm - occasionally interrupted by short-lived thunderstorms. However the Carpathian mountains in the west are a good deal cooler, with higher rainfall here too.

Autumn brings a quick decline in temperatures and, from November to March, you can expect snowfall at times. In fact, away from southern coastal areas, much of the country can be blanketed in snow from December to February.

In the depths of winter, daytime temperatures hover close to freezing, with hard frosts at night. Occasionally, when severe cold arrives from Russia, the temperatures can fall as low as -20 Celsius, and even lower in the mountains.

Spring weather frequently flips between warm sunshine and bitter cold, before April and early May bring a final thaw and a flush of verdant growth. The longer days and balmy evenings make this one of the best times to visit.

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