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Sara and John say...

With more than one hundred islands scattered just south of the equatorial Indian Ocean, the climate of the Seychelles shows some variation on a theme - and the theme is one of a tropical paradise!

Year-round warmth is guaranteed, with temperatures close to 30 Celsius by day, while balmy nights never dip below the 20s.
Sunshine is strong, so protection is a ‘must’.

But there are distinct seasons, with the more northern islands, including the capital, Victoria, seeing more rain than further south. Rainfall does vary from year to year; but, in general, the wettest months are from October to April. The heaviest rain is focussed in December and January, and this is also the most sultry period of the year. But even during the wet season, the showers don’t often last long and some days remain completely dry and sunny.
That said, tropical cyclones can occasionally bring more prolonged cloud, rain and wind to some southern islands, most likely from December to April.

Through May and June, the humidity eases and the showers become less frequent as the southeast trade winds pick up.
July and August sees the strongest winds - the swell is great for surfers - while the more sheltered northwest-facing shorelines, such as Beau Vallon Beach, remain more tranquil. The seas are clearest and free from seaweed too - ideal for swimming and snorkelling. June to September is also the driest and sunniest time of the year across the Seychelles.

Enjoy the warm paradise of the Seychelles, and remember that even paradise needs a few showers to keep it so lush and green!

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