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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Sara and John say...

This giant ‘island pearl’ is a year-round destination of guaranteed tropical heat, rich culture and unique scenery. By day and night coastal locations sit between the low twenties and mid-thirties Celsius all year round - with the temperature of the sea comfortably within this range throughout! But if you’re seeking a break from the hottest weather, a trip into the hills inland usually provides a welcome cooler climate.

Between May and September northern and eastern resorts are driest and sunniest. Showers are rare and, with shelter from breeze, the 35 degree temperatures provide beach weather to bask in - and the humidity is at its lowest here too.

By contrast, it’s during this time that southern and western areas feel the effects of humid monsoon winds, cloudier skies and downpours, although there are still some lengthy dry spells.

Then, as the year ends, the climate of the island goes into transition. The monsoon winds change direction and the rain clouds relocate to more northeastern resorts through the winter and early spring period.
On the flip side, it’s now that the west and south of the island give sun-seekers their most favourable weather.

But Sri Lankan weather can have a habit of not sticking to the script - clear blue skies in the rainy season and a torrential downpour when it’s usually dry. However, such cloudbursts are usually short and sharp and will rarely spoil an entire day.

Wherever and whenever you visit, remember that the tropical sunshine is very strong and uv levels can be deceptively high - even on cloudier days.

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