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Sara and John say...

Almost perpetual sunshine, high temperatures and warm seas. It’s a near-perfect recipe if you’re seeking the blend of beach relaxation and futuristic city sophistication that the Gulf States provide.

And for travellers from more northern climes, the Gulf brings that ‘pick-me-up’ you might crave in order to chase away the winter blues! With daytime temperatures at destinations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, typically sitting in the low to mid 20s Celsius from December to February, you can see why!

Occasional cloudier days, with showers, do crop up at this time of year, but they’re usually fleeting. Most days are sunny.

Through the spring months the temperatures rise quickly and, by late April and May, temperatures routinely reach the mid-high 30s C.
The air becomes more humid too and, without the aid of air-conditioning, some find the summer-time just too hot, although the ‘Shamal’ wind does help to keep the coast that much more bearable. By the summer months, daytime temperatures routinely reach into the 40s, making regular hydration and sun-protection essential. Indeed, the warm nights are the more comfortable time to be outdoors from May to September.

As autumn arrives so the heat subsides. Indeed, many visitors find this a more comfortable time to visit the Gulf - whether on business or for pleasure. Clear and sunny days still lift the temperature into the 30s, with less humidity than in summer.

It’s not until well into winter that the weather could even remotely be described as ‘cool’. But it’s all relative. Even the cool days are warm by most visitors’ standards!

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