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French Guiana

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French Guiana

Sara and John say...

This is a hot and humid country. Rain showers are a daily companion to high temperatures for much of the year, but there are some seasonal variations that should help in your choice of when to visit.

The driest time of year is from July to November, with September and October providing the peak of the mostly fine weather. Although abundant sunshine lifts temperatures into the low 30s Celsius at this time, humidity is lower than the rest of the year, making for a more comfortable feel.

Cloud and showers increase by the end of the year, with the period from January to June being the wettest. The rain comes in short, sharp downpours initially, meaning there is still plenty of dry weather through the early months of the year. However, by April to June, the rainfall is more prolonged.
Coupled with a peak in humidity, this is the least comfortable time of year - both by day and night. Temperatures sit in the mid to high 20s Celsius for much of the time - but it feels hotter, courtesy of the humidity.

Our advice to cool off at this time is to head to the beach! Coastal areas, including the capital Cayenne, benefit form the refreshing influence of the trade winds for much of the year. And the sea temperature is constantly in the high 20s Celsius throughout. But don’t forget the sunscreen along with your beach-wear - even under cloudier skies the sun is deceptively strong!

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