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About Guyana


Sara and John say...

Guyana is a destination for the adventurous traveller and, with rainforests covering much of the country, it helps if you don’t mind some wet weather!
The climate is hot and steamy for much of the time, but there are some variations in the weather through the year.
Temperatures typically range from the low 20s Celsius overnight to the low 30s by day.
There are two particularly rainy seasons - one in December and January, and the other through May and June. Downpours can be torrential, but even so, there are some lengthy dry spells, especially through the morning time and again overnight.

The rest of the year is somewhat drier and less humid. So February to April and July to November offer more comfortable conditions for travellers.

It’s also worth knowing that coastal areas, including the capital Georgetown, have rather less rain than inland. In addition, the coastal trade winds from the Atlantic help to make the heat feel less stifling.
A word on hurricanes. Compared with areas further north through the Caribbean, these are very rare.
So enjoy the lush vegetation, the stunning wildlife and the friendliness of the people. And remember your sunscreen and waterproofs to help fully embrace the heat and humidity!

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