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Some say there are only two main seasons in Paraguay: ‘hot’ and ‘very hot’. Well not quite, but through most of the year, Paraguay sees consistently warm weather, with temperatures in the capital, Asuncion, ranging between the low 20s and mid 30s Celsius.

The highest temperatures occur in the summer half of the year - with the peak of the heat between December and February, where some northern areas can approach a stifling 40 degrees.

The driest area is the Gran Chaco in the northwest of the country, especially in wintertime, while the rainiest area in the southeast, near the Paraná River, is almost twice as wet.

In wintertime, occasional cold air outbreaks called Pampero, blow in from Argentina to affect some southern areas. These can lead to night frosts between May and September. However, snow is almost unheard of, away from the very highest ground.

But for the majority of the year, Paraguay enjoys pleasant, balmy days and cool nights, making evening an ideal time for walking around city plazas.

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