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East Timor

South East Asia

About East Timor

East Timor

Sara and John say...

East Timor is hot all year round.

Typically, temperatures hover close to the low 30s Celsius by day, easing down into the low 20s overnight.

The climate can broadly be split into two seasons - wet and dry. The driest time to visit is between April and October, when the weather is perfect for island-hopping, snorkelling, and beach relaxation.

Sunny days prevail, although some showers are still possible, especially at the beginning and end of the season. This is also the best time for diving off the coast; or for climbing one of the many peaks. Here the temperatures are cooler, which can be a welcome change from the heat lower down.

The wet season peaks between November and March. However, even during this period, temperatures remain high and the rainfall comes in the form of intense tropical downpours. These typically last for just a couple of hours and needn’t spoil you whole day.

The wet season is often quieter, making exploration much more rewarding. The scenery is stunning!

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East Timor

East Timor




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