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Welcome to Vacay Weather!

It all started with answering the same question again and again. Friends, family, acquaintances, sometimes even people who simply knew us from the TV, would ask: "where can I go on holiday for guaranteed sun?" or, "when can I go to (fill in your destination here!) for the best weather?" For me, with family in the USA, Americans often had a similar question: "when can I go to rainy old England and stay dry?*" (*Hint: Don't let the unfair reputation put you off - Orlando is twice as wet as London!)

For years, we would answer our loved ones by combining our experience with laboriously scouring climate tables and then cross-referencing with travel sites. As a mum myself, in our family we were suddenly tied to school holidays, and finding a bargain destination with guaranteed great weather in the narrow time windows seemed nigh on impossible. At least I knew where to look for options away from the norm in order to avoid the most overly inflated prices.

Young children prepare for a flight.
You're never too young, or old, to try somewhere new!

But we couldn't shake the feeling that there should be "an app for that". So, we made one! We're so proud to bring you Vacay Weather, the only app of its kind that will help you find the perfect vacation spot based around your weather preferences, dates of travel and dream destinations.

Download our app and check it out for yourself. Narrow your preferences by type: coast, city or countryside, and flight duration. Sort by temperature or rainfall amounts. Read our guides to the climates of thousands of dream destinations and then see what kind of weather is typical at specific times of year. When you're all decided, you can check out flight and holiday options at the bottom of the page. And with travel restrictions due to Covid-19 still evident in some places, there's no better time to look for somewhere new to try.

We really hope you love it, and we'll be adding thousands more locations and more travel options to the app all the time. And if there are any specific questions or destinations you need to know about - drop me and John a line through our contact us page.

Here's to your next perfect Vacay!



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