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Take the Plunge! 9 Thrill-Seeking Trips

Adrenaline junkies - look no further! As we plan ahead for travel ideas, many of us will be thinking of trying something new to stretch our horizons and maybe our nerves!. Well, at Vacay Weather, we’re on a mission to find an outdoor activity in the year ahead that’ll give you a ‘rush’ you’ll never forget. There are hundreds of new and emerging ways of raising the pulse-rate. However 'daredevil' you want to be out there, though, the good old weather is bound to impact on your experience. The Vacay Weather app will help you choose the best time to fling yourself off that mountain (or whatever crazy thing you might be planning)! Here's our starter for 9...


Everest Base Camp - On Top of the World!

Amalfi Coast
The final frontier! The view from Everest Base Camp is incomparable!

Can there be a more iconic symbol of human endeavour on Earth than reaching Mount Everest? While scaling the summit itself is reserved for a fortunate few, the trek to Base Camp is an expedition to be savoured by thousands every year. And, from personal experience, we can vouch that this trek will be an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. No photograph or video can fully represent the scale of the Himalayan landscape that you will journey through. The unique sights, sounds and smells of this Nepali mountain culture have been preserved through the generations - so prepare for a sensory overload you won’t forget! It’s a strenuous trip but you’ll be buoyed by the fresh mountain air and the warmth of the welcome you’ll receive. The best time to make the journey is through the sunnier latter months of the year - from October onwards, or through the fresh springtime period from February to April. Namaste!


Twister! Storm-Chasing in Tornado Alley

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Aprll to June is the peak season for tornado-chasing

We all have our favourite types of weather, but there’s something about the awe-inspiring power of a tornado that makes it unique. For those who have seen one from a safe distance, it’s an image they’ll never forget. So if a storm-chasing expedition is on your ‘bucket-list’ then the period from April to July is THE time to go. When cool, dry air from the Rockies collides with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, twisters can spin up out of nowhere. There are a host of operators who will ensure that your chase is safe and exhilarating as you track the storm potential through the Tornado Alley states (such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota) with experienced meteorologists. Of course, this is the weather we’re talking about, so there are no guarantees(!), but in the peak months of May and June there’s a good chance you’ll get the experience of a lifetime.


South Pacific Whale-Watching

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Across the Polynesian Islands, you can swim with whales in the morning and sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon

We’re in the balmy South Pacific. From late July to early October, the waters around Tonga, Tahiti and the other Polynesian islands are where Humpback Whales choose to end their thousand-mile migration in order to give birth. These are some of the only places in the world where you can snorkel with these 40-ton giants - and their newborns - in crystal clear seas. Why not combine your whale-watching with some beach relaxation too? It’s the driest and least humid time of year to visit these tropical paradise islands. What a way to reward yourself after lockdown!


Canyoneering in Utah

The canyons of southern Utah provide some of the most intriguing sculpted landforms in the world

Hiking, swimming, climbing and scrambling your way through some of the weirdest rock formations in the world, prepare for a unique thrill. The narrow slot canyons of southern Utah provide some of the most popular and scintillating landscapes for canyoneers. Providing safely regulated expeditions, there’s a wide selection of group activities available here - with the drier and warmer summer half of the year being the best time to go. So - as you plan for that big USA vacation you’ve been longing for all through lockdown, why not put canyoneering on your itinerary?


Paddle-boarding in Scandinavia

Warm days, clear water and fresh mountain air provide the backdrop to a paddle-boarding expedition

Summertime in Scandinavia. The freshness of the air and warmth of the sun. Just imagine. Can you think of a better way of going offline and reconnecting with nature than paddle-boarding along one of Norway’s most deep and dramatic fjords - surrounded by giant snow-clad mountain scenery? Accompanied by pods of porpoise, you’ll paddle past thundering waterfalls and discover remote beaches and villages - only accessible by water. Camping out under the stars, it’s the perfect low-impact way to explore this truly beautiful location, leaving no trace behind you. The women-only 5-day Sognefjord expedition is for experienced paddle-boarders, but there are many more @gutsygirls expeditions for all abilities in Croatia and Sardinia.


Colombian Jungle

The months between December and February are the driest for a jungle expedition in Colombia

We’re deep in the jungle of Colombia! Lush forest, broad mountain-top vistas, pristine waterfalls, deep pools and some of the rarest and most exotic wildlife on the planet - we could go on! And the experience is made so much more special by the warmth of the indigenous campesinos people. Safety is of paramount importance to expedition organisers, of course. The trips vary in duration and specialism - there are so many to choose from! Of course jungles see a lot of rain(!), so we’d recommend the driest season which runs from December to February. Enjoy the jungle!


Volcano-Surfing in Nicaragua

Volcano-surfing is one of the newest emerging sports for thrill-seekers

This time we’re in Central America. The adventurous traveller to Nicaragua will be well-served by beaches, wildlife and history. But the country also specialises in volcanoes. So why not surf down one?! Just outside the colourful city of Leon, the Cerro Negro volcano is a favourite location for this newly-emerging sport. A hike up the mountain will be rewarded at the top as you strap yourself into a custom-built sandboard and let gravity take over! The best time to travel? Between December and April, there’s least, humidity, most sunshine and fewest showers. So let yourself go and enjoy the rush!


Heli-Skiing in New Zealand

Heli-skiing provides exclusive access to off-piste virgin snow

Let’s face it - we’ve all been off-piste lately! Oh for that skiing holiday that’s been impossible for so long. Well, here’s an idea for your next trip to the mountains. Heli-skiing! Be transported to the most remote parts of the slopes. Here you can experience the challenge of descending through virgin snow, down routes that most holidaymakers never get near. There’s heli-skiing available across many of the world’s resorts. But, as we emerge from lockdown, if you’re planning a trip Down Under later in the year, why not check out the fantastic options in New Zealand - especially around the regions of Wanaka and Queenstown? New Zealand’s peak ski season is between June and October.


Cold Water Training with Wim Hof

There is nothing to compare with the exhilaration of cold-water swimming

Our final expedition idea will give you a tingle like no other! Learn to master the power of the mind over the cold with the world-renowned expert in cold exposure - Wim Hof. Over a period of five exhilarating midsummer days - through hikes, swims, canyoning and white-water rafting - you can learn from the very best how to condition yourself to the cold. Set amidst the boundless fresh mountain air of the Pyrenees, you’ll fully immerse yourself in more ways than one! Lose sense of time and place as you both energise and relax - equipping yourself with powers of resilience and mindfulness that will last you a lifetime. More rewarding than a holiday lying on a beach, perhaps!

These are some of our favourite ideas for thrill-seekers. But there are, of course, so many more around the world. Remember: the Vacay Weather app helps you search for the perfect time and place to choose your dare-devil trip! And our Climate Guide gives detailed stats on the typical weather through the year across the world's capital cities.


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